Seth Peritzman is a Financial Advisor for First Allied Securities, an independently owned, full service firm whose brokers are independent representatives of First Allied Securities. Seth joined the Company in 2000 as a Senior Investment Advisor and has been in the financial industry for over 25 years. His responsibilities at First Allied Securities include asset allocation decisions for clients’ portfolios and structuring overall financial plans. Additionally, Seth provides both equity and fixed income advice, serves high-net worth individuals, and manages retirement plans. Seth’s independence allows him to offer you an unbiased objective approach to serving your investment needs.

Seth received his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration at Long Island University in 1987. After graduating, Seth passed up the opportunity to work for his father’s well-established wholesale steel business and headed west to make his own way in the financial industry.

Seth, his wife Lauren, and their young son Matthew, reside in Colorado. Seth is very active in the financial industry and has served on several philanthropic committees. In his free time, Seth enjoys racquetball, skiing and bike riding as well as spending time with his family.


Stock market volatility has made the past ten years difficult for most investors. While most of us believe that we must take on more risks to achieve higher return potential, Seth believes in a conservative, long-term approach and guides his clients away from speculative investments. Instead of suggesting his clients buy the “hot stock of the day,” Seth concentrates on their long-term goals, while constantly monitoring their portfolios and striving to provide strong financial advice.

Seth works with some of the foremost money managers in the business; sometimes 30-50 different money managers, and he constantly monitors their performance, which he believes have helped his clients with their results. This brings a level of expertise far greater than having just one individual managing your money.

In Seth’s opinion, risk management and avoiding losses is more important than obtaining gains. Many people haphazardly invest in tips from friends or the most publicized stocks of the day. Seth organizes his approach to investing, striving to help his clients meet their financial goals.


People often feel they have the knowledge and skill to take the place of a professional in assisting the management of their investment portfolios. While it may look easy, keep in mind that a financial advisor’s role is much more broad.

Although investors may spend a short amount of time with their financial advisor, as your financial advisor, Seth will spend a considerable amount of time on your portfolio. The investment process normally begins with Seth and the client determining objectives, risk tolerance, time horizon and future needs such as retirement, college expenses for children and more.

Next, depending on the client’s experience, Seth may educate the client about the investment process–for example, how securities are bought and sold or the structure and management of a mutual fund or managed account. At this point, the investor would learn about the inherent risks of each investment alternative and the associated costs of the transaction or portfolio management.

Third, an asset allocation model for the client’s portfolio is determined. While every investor has distinct needs, no investor should place all his eggs in one basket.


Seth has remained committed to the simple belief that the best interests of his clients must take precedence in all decisions. From data gathering, to analysis, to recommendations, the guiding principle has been to make sure that the client has a clear picture of what is needed, why it is needed and how their decisions will affect their financial picture.

In this environment, the guidance of a knowledgeable advisor may help you stay the course. This is an excellent time to reevaluate your investments and objectives. It is important now more than ever that your investment strategy match your goal and objectives.

Giving the client choices and alternatives when providing strategies to help meet their financial needs has been another important factor in his commitment to excellence. Feel free to call Seth at 303-839-2546 about any of your financial concerns.

Whether you are just starting to save for your future, or are a seasoned investor, First Allied Securities and Seth have the financial management experience to help you understand your wealth objectives. They also offer financial and investment services to business owners and their employees. Their commitment is to always provide unbiased advice, impeccable service and diversified financial resources to serve your individual needs – that’s the benefit of an independent perspective.

Seth offers securities through First Allied Securities, Member: FINRA/SIPC and advisory services through First Allied Services. Check the background of this investment professional on FINRA’s BrokerCheck.

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